Do You Have To Sell His Shares Short? – Rules, Risks and Strategies

   In the cumbersome world of the stock market, the idea of ​​investing in reverse may sound appropriate, or it may sound silly. Short selling is a risky but potentially lucrative investment transaction that is a backward version of buying and holding shares. With short selling you borrow an asset from a broker and you […]

Do You Have To Give Tithes While Paying Off Debts?

 For those of you who are part of a religious institution such as a church, temple, or mosque, you probably wonder if it makes sense to pay tithing while trying to get out of debt or save for a major purchase. There is a lot of discussion about this subject and I think it is […]

The Main Consequences of not Repaying Payday Loans and Non-bank Loans

A delay in paying off a loan or a payday may involve many different types of consequences, which I mention in today’s article in BankerFour. See for an illustration I write a lot about blogs about the topic of non-banking payday loans, both the most advantageous offers and those less often. I often try […]

Quick Loan – How to Choose the Best One?

If you are considering a loan, it means that you have specific needs. Nobody lends money, if there is no specific purpose. In the case of taking a loan, it is very important to choose the most advantageous offer. Most advantageous, i.e., where the interest rate is not too high. Good credit is also where […]

Can You Repay the Loan Beforehand?

We often decide on cash loans at the time of unexpected expenses, or on which we are not able to put down money much earlier. Probably the most common purpose is simply to renovate the apartment. But sometimes these are simply goals related to our dreams. Although we do not have any difficulties getting a […]